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Unseen Dangers in Your Backyard

We all know the feeling of having unwanted pests at our homes and workplaces, from buzzing insects to scurrying rodents.

At Eco Pest Control Adelaide, we believe that you don’t deserve to live each day in fear of these icky creatures.

We’re here to do the dirty work and make sure your home is safe, clean and tick-free.

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Our Experience and Expertise – Your Trusty Shield

When it comes to pest control and tick prevention, experience is everything. At Eco Pest Control Adelaide, we’re proud to say that our team has over 10 years’ worth of experience to draw on. Highly-skilled experts in the field of pest control, we can guarantee you a safe, reliable and effective solution that lays all your tick worries to rest. On top of our expertise lies the reassurance of knowing we’re fully licensed, insured and highly regulated. We ensure the job is done precisely as required every single time.

We also offer a warranty in addition to our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Peace of mind for homes and workplaces across Adelaide from those pesky little ticks, and other unwanted pests like fleas, rodents, and ants.

The Trouble with Ticks

Ticks can be more than just a nuisance, with several species being able to carry harmful diseases. In addition to these infectious problems, tick bites can cause skin infections and allergic reactions. These parasites tend to feed on blood from their host, leading them to seen more prevalent in places where animals have been present.

It’s important to take appropriate action quickly when it comes to controlling ticks both inside and outside of your home or workplace premises. Don’t let them become a long-term problem.

Our Solution – Say Goodbye to Ticks

We here for you to take care of these unwanted pests. With complete trust in our team, you can rest assured that your home is in safe hands and the ticks gone in no time. Our technicians will use their knowledge and expertise to assess each situation individually using tools such as:

  • Professional sprays to repel ticks
  • Traps and baits to attract them from far away
  • Regular inspections to ascertain any hotspots for tick activity
  • Removal of bug hiding spots around your premises

Understanding Ticks

Ticks are members of the arachnid family, which means they share an internal body structure similar to that of spiders. As invisible pests, ticks can be hard to spot and for that reason. We use professional equipment in order to detect any activity. They come in various sizes and colours depending on the species. They’re attracted by animals such as cats and dogs as well as humans. This makes themselves even harder to find on casual inspection.

Common Tick Species – Know Your Enemy

The Paralysis Tick

Perhaps one of Australia’s most well-known species, the paralysis tick can be identified by its red body with white/gray extending legs. Sadly, they do carry a toxin which affects their hosts’ nervous system if left untreated. This means removal is essential as soon as possible.

The Brown Dog Tick

A member of one of the toughest infesting tick groups. Thanks to its ability to survive without taking frequent blood meals. They are distinguished by their brownish coloured body. As with many other ticks, this particular breed prefers humid conditions.

The Bush Tick

Potentially one of our most distinguishable varieties. Usually grey or olive-coloured with an orange or yellowish stripe down the centre of its body. Often found in leaf litter or woodpiles. They’re a small tick but can do a great deal of damage given their structure and daunting bites.

Signs of Infestation – The Warning Bells

Tick infestations can be difficult to spot so it’s always best to stay alert. Here’s a summary of some key signs that you may have an infestation:

  • Tiny black spots jumping near walls, furniture or curtains
  • Unexplained itchy bites on yourself or pets
  • Visual spotting of larger ticks including paralysis and bush varieties
  • Presence of droppings or eggs from ticks in high usage areas such as carpets, couches and under rugs
  • Unusual animal behavior such as scratching/nibbling excessively in affected areas

Professional Tick Control – Why DIY Isn’t Enough

In the fight against ticks, prevention is the best form of defense. We offer an extensive range of services that can help keep your home and workplace free from these nasty parasites. Our expert technicians will use professional repel sprays as well as specially designed baits, traps and deterrents to address tick infestations both inside and outside the premise. This makes sure no pores are left exposed.

In addition to this, we can regularly inspect areas of high usage to prevent any downside associated with the problem in the first place. All while protecting children and pets alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best prevention tips when it comes to ticks?

Ticks love moist areas where animals or humans frequent, so proper maintenance such as clearing leaf litter or overgrown grass can make a world of difference in this battle. Remember to inspect areas both inside and outside the home regularly. All while performing any necessary pest removal duties effectively. Always remember to check your own body and pets for any sign of ticks when you return from woody/grassy areas. It’s also wise to change clothes after leaving such locales.

Can I deal with my Tick problem myself (DIY)?

Although there are some DIY solutions available, they require frequent involvement and may not provide full protection against potential diseases and infections like professional support does. It’s always best not to experiment with random treatments – only skilled technicians will have the tools and knowledge required. Stick with the professionals here at Eco Pest Control Adelaide for your tick control needs!

What are the risks associated with ticks?

Most species of tick can carry infections, viruses and even diseases after sucking blood from their host body. Some of these conditions include Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Most commonly these will cause rashes, headaches and flu-like symptoms but Left unchecked for too long, more serious risk factors become part of the equation so it’s important to take action quickly! Make sure to contact Eco Pest Control Adelaide if you detect any signs of a tick infestation. We’ll have those pesky critters gone in no time!

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  • Proven methods to tackle most types of infestation
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  • 100% customer satisfaction or your money back guarantee
  • All safety regulations adhered to; protecting both environment and people alike
  • Warranty with all our services; keeping our promise to you

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