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Fleas can quickly become an intolerable nuisance in your home or outdoors.

They can bite humans and animals alike, causing discomfort and potential health risks.

Thankfully there are effective ways to get rid of these pests, but only if done correctly.

That’s where Eco Pest Control Adelaide comes in.

Throughout our extensive experience we’ve pioneered safety-first practices for Treating Fleas.

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Our Experience and Expertise: Your Reliable Choice

We bring over 10 years of expertise and experience to every flea treatment job. Our team of technicians are all licensed and insured to provide superior performance with low risk safe treatments. Our history speaks for itself. As your reliable choice for flea control and other services for rodents, spiders, ticks and other ciretters in the Adelaide area, you can rest assured that our mission is always complete customer satisfaction. We take time to listen carefully to your particular needs and customize our services accordingly. With a warranty for results and protection, you can be certain that any infestation present or future will be gone quickly ASAP without having to worry about toxic effects on people or animals living inside or around the property space.

The Problem with Fleas: Uninvited Guests

Fleas can have numerous negative effects on both humans and animals. For humans, they cause discomfort through their bites. This may become itchy and irritated. In some cases, flea bites can even lead to allergic reactions or rashes. If left unchecked, a very large infestation can be dangerous for asthmatics or the very young and elderly by causing anaphylactic shock. This is due to the saliva injected by flea bites. On animals, the most common symptom of a flea infestation is itching caused by hypersensitivity to their saliva. Symptoms may also include skin irritation, hair loss, anemia, fatigue, restlessness and scratching. This can further damage skin cells leading secondary bacterial infections as well as further complications such as tapeworms introduction in case of pets’ consumption.

Our Solution: Taking Flea Control to the Next Level

We have a tailored approach that gets results with lasting protection. Depending on the size of the infestation. Experienced technicians may use insect growth inhibitors, adult Flea baits, long-lasting residuals for further preventions and chemical options as needed. In addition to these approaches, our team can offer holistic pest solutions such as preventive strategies to avoid reinfestations. We also recommend regular vacuuming and treating carpets or other surfaces around the property area. This is in order to ensure that any moulting or hatching fleas are eliminated before they become a problem. With all of these steps combined you can be sure that your home will be safe again soon.

Unveiling the World of Fleas: Tiny Terrors

Fleas are small, external parasites that feed off mammals and avian species including humans and animals. Although they may seem invisible to the naked eye. They can quickly multiply and spread into homes and other warm environments without proper pest control techniques. They cause irritation from their bites, and if left unchecked an infestation of flea can be extremely difficult to eradicate. That’s why it is important to act quickly. So that effective treatments can be done before the problem escalates.

Common Flea Species

  • Cat Fleas are the most common type of fleas and can typically be found on cats. They are reddish-brown in colour, measure between 2-3mm in length. They have flat bodies and long hind legs that allow them to jump from host to host.
  • Dog fleas look almost exactly like cat fleas but have longer bristles on their body making them easier for us to spot. These insects are reddish-brown in colour with a flat body shape. Also, their long hind legs allowing them to latch onto fur or clothing item then hitch a ride into our homes.
  • Stable fleas also known as bed bugs are reddish/brown in colour with a flat and oval body shape. These tiny insects can measure up to 3mm in length and feed off both humans and animals by burrowing into fur, clothing or even furniture. Stable fleas will usually infest areas where there is plenty of organic material for them to feed on such as carpets, mattresses and even human hair.

Red Flags of Infestation: Stay Vigilant

There are several signs that could indicate the presence of fleas in your home or yard. These include:

  • Bites on skin
  • Signs of pets scratching more than usual
  • Seeing fleas jumping around your pet’s fur or furniture/bedding
  • Small dark spots on fabrics
  • An increase in visible flea activity when you turn lights off/on or wake up in the morning

Our Professional Flea Control: Leave it to The Experts

We understand just how difficult it can be to tackle flea infestations. That is why our team provides professional flea control services that are customised to meet specific needs of each job. Our techniques involve moisture barriers, vacuum sprays, baiting techniques and pest-proof screens. These are proven methods for controlling fleas effectively. We also advice on preventive measure such as regularly checking your pet for any signs of symptoms related to flea attack. We apply insecticide crystals throughout the house premises.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know about fleas?

Fleas are small, sometimes invisible pests that can easily spread into homes and thrive in warm environments without proper pest control techniques. They feed off mammals and avian species, including humans and pets, causing irritation from bites. It is important to be aware of their presence early so that effective treatments can be applied quickly .

How do you treat for fleas?

We use a tailored approach based on the size of the infestation determined by a certified technician. Depending on your needs and preference, comprehensive treatment plans will be discussed before starting any job.

What ways can we prevent fleas in the future?

Prevention is key to protecting your home from any further outbreaks. We provide comprehensive solutions for both residential and commercial properties ranging from monitoring, baiting, trapping, nesting denial and exclusion services for total protection.

Why Choose Us

When it comes to flea control, we are your go-to choice. Here are 8 reasons why we should be your first pick for services covering the greater Adelaide suburbs and surrounding areas:

  • Over 10 years experience in treating fleas
  • Industry leading service at affordable prices
  • Fully licensed and insured technicians
  • Continuous protection from future infestations
  • Proven results without compromised safety
  • Offers great value for money
  • Friendly staff
  • We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction

Servicing Adelaide: Your Local Flea Control Experts

Keep your Adelaide home or yard free of fleas all year long with our wide range of Flea treatments and preventions. Our services are available in the following suburbs and surrounding areas:

  • Marion
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  • West Lakes
  • Mitcham
  • Holden Hill
  • Prospect
  • Plympton
  • Kilburn
  • Norwood

As a local company offering low costs to get your pest control done safely, we make sure that our services are available throughout the entire city. So don’t hesitate to call us today if you need help with any infestation at your home or business in the greater Adelaide area. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction with fast results that will have your home feeling safe again soon.

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