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Those living in Adelaide know firsthand how scary spiders can be, especially during summer.

If you’re one of the unfortunate people whose home has been invaded by these unwelcome guests, Eco Pest Control Adelaide is here to help.

Additionally, while not all of them are poisonous some spider bites can cause allergic reactions in humans.

It ranges from mild discomfort to serious medical emergencies.

Especially, in children and those with weakened immune systems.

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Our Decade-Long War on Spiders

At Eco Pest Control Adelaide we take your safety very seriously. That’s why we only use commercial grade products that are both safe for you, your family and pets. Also, they are guaranteed to eliminate any spider populations quickly and effectively. Every one of our technicians have been trained to the highest standards. So when you book with us you can be sure that it won’t just be done right. It will meet or exceed the strict regulations set out by local councils and experts alike. If an issue occurs after treatment simply contact us and we will come back to re-treat at no extra cost.

Unwanted Tenants: Why Spiders are Problematic

It may seem harmless to have a few spiders scuttling around your home. But the truth is that they can be quite hazardous. Spiders are predators and so where there’s an increase of them. It means there’s also an abundance of their prey or other pests. This means that there could already be mites, ants, flies or other pest species in or around your house. They are most likely carry diseases and contaminate the environment.

Swatting Spiders, the Eco Way

Our experienced technicians use a combination of poisons and traps. We ensure we get rid of every last spider in your home. We also provide a free assessment and inspection prior to commencing any work. We also offer guidance on ways you can prevent future infestations occurring throughout the year. Whether it’s spiders or other pests, we will make sure your safety is never compromised so you can rest easy knowing that your home is safe from harm.

The Web Weavers: Understanding Spiders

Spiders are a naturally occurring, beneficial organism in our eco-systems. They can actually help reduce the number of pests that could enter our homes. Despite their benefits, having too many spider species inside can be a nuisance. This is why it’s important to control them accordingly. Generally spiders feed on small insects like ticks, fleas or ants. But some species are capable of catching mice, fish or even small birds. They don’t typically attack people unless they feel threatened. This is is why preventive measures should always be taken so no one gets hurt.

Some Known Spider Species

The most common spiders found in Adelaide are the Huntsman, Blue Ant Spider, and White Tailed Spider.

  • The Huntsman is a large spider with brown-grey colorings and distinctive long, spindly legs. These spiders feed on insects and can grow to sizes of up to 8 inches across.
  • The Blue Ant Spider is another type of spider seen often in South Australia. This one has a bluish tint with mottled black markings on its back and long legs that curl inward when not walking or running. It feeds mainly on other insects but lacks venom making it harmless to humans if handled correctly.
  • The White Tailed Spider is a medium risk spider found in homes throughout Adelaide. They have an oval-shaped body and are known for their distinctive white patches on the bottom side of the abdomen, near their tail. They feed primarily on other spiders including those associated with mites and fleas.

Red Flags: Signs of Spider Infestation

There are a number of tell-tale signs to look out for when identifying a spider infestation:

  • Webbing around corners and in hard to reach spots that wasn’t there before.
  • Increased activity on your window or door frames. This includes small holes that don’t seem to be caused by anything else.
  • Overly large or bold cobwebs near the ceiling or walls. This is most likely due to prolonged presence of spiders in the area.
  • Tiny eggs sacks being left in areas not usually exposed to sun. This may indicate egg laying had occurred recently.
  • Spiders noticeably crawling around your living space more frequently than usual, especially at night time.

What We Offer Our Clients

We understand that people are often tempted to tackle a spider infestation using do-it-yourself techniques. While this can be an effective solution for some people, it’s important to remember that spiders are incredibly adaptable. This can also quickly become resistant to things such as insecticides or home-made traps. That’s why professional pest control should always be used when dealing with these eight-legged creatures. Especially in cases of large or recurring infestations. We provide quick, efficient and effective treatments that protect your property from further damage while ensuring the safety of both you, your family and pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best prevention tips for keeping spiders out of my home?

Some easy ways to keep spiders at bay is to reduce lingering moisture around your house. Also, get rid of clutter particularly near entry points. Lastly, use a dehumidifier in rooms with poor ventilation.

Is it safe to do DIY spider control?

While DIY treatments may initially seem like a good solution it’s important to remember that professional pest control services are always more effective and safer than trying to use store-bought products. Professionally trained technicians understand how best to treat an infestation. This is without putting your families health at risk plus have access to products that simply aren’t available in retail stores.

Are there any risks to letting spiders remain in my home?

Yes. While most of the common species found around Adelaide aren’t toxic, some spider bites can still cause serious reactions particularly when bitten by young or old family members. Additionally, where these creatures increase in numbers it means that the prey species they feed on are also likely to be more numerous. This could lead to the spread of bacteria and disease in your home which is why swift action should always be taken if you suspect an infestation.

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Locations We Reach

At Eco Pest Control Adelaide we service all the major areas of Adelaide, including:

  • Glenelg
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  • Prospect
  • Magill
  • St. Peters
  • Mile End
  • Marion
  • Seaford Rise

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