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We are one of the most experienced companies when it comes to dealing with pests. Our technicians are highly trained professionals. Our professional team of experts have an in-depth knowledge of cockroaches, bed bugs, silverfish, ticks, fleas, rodents, ants, and spiders. We also understand the importance of being environmentally responsible. Therefore, all the products we use are safe yet effective against pests. Moreover, our team’s dedication means that 100% customer satisfaction is always guaranteed. This is in addition to our warranty for recurring issues.

Cockroaches: Small Bugs, Big Problems

Cockroaches have been around for millions of years and are one of the most successful survivors. These pests live anywhere they can find food, water and shelter. Some of these are homes, restaurants, offices, drains and sewers are all considered ideal habitats. Cockroaches come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with some having wings while others do not. Depending on the species, their colour ranges from brown to black and they usually appear at night when it’s dark. Some cockroach populations will produce eggs that can survive up to two years without becoming hatched. This means they can easily live through harsh seasons or dry conditions when food is scarce.

Our Solution: Effective and Safe Cockroach Control

Our professional technicians will first inspect your premises thoroughly. Then they determine the best treatment plan tailored specifically for your situation. Depending on how severe and widespread the infestation may be, one treatment alone may not be enough . This necessitates follow up visits by our team until complete elimination has been achieved. Moreover, all our treatments take into account any sensitivities you might have such as allergies. We make sure children at home or elderly people nearby remain safe throughout the process.

Cockroach Species in Adelaide

American cockroach

Also known as the ‘waterbug’. They are big and reddish-brown. They can fly and like moist places.

German cockroaches

These are small, golden brown to dark brown roaches that rarely fly. They prefer warm indoor areas near food and water.

Oriental cockroach

Also called ‘black beetles’. These types of roaches are large, black and shy away from light sources. They stay close to the ground in damp areas.

Smoky-brown cockroach

These insects are larger than most other species but still lack wings so cannot fly away . This species tends to move quickly when disturbed. They are able to swim on top of water if it finds itself submerged in it.

Signs of Infestation

  • Sightings of cockroaches during the day
  • ‘Cockroach droppings’ looking like pepper-like particles
  • Discards such as cast skins and egg cases
  • Distinctive musty odours
  • Damage to wood or paper items
  • Unusual sounds coming from walls

Trust Our Professional Cockroach Control

DIY solutions such as insecticides, bait sprays and cockroach traps can be a temporary fix. These methods may work but not necessarily offer lasting results. Professional services are essential to properly control the problem. Our team of experienced technicians have access to comprehensive training. We use the latest tools and equipment and specialist insecticides that will get rid of cockroaches quickly and effectively. This approach is both safer for people sensitive allergies. Also, it is less harmful to your environment.


What are the best prevention methods for cockroaches?

Clean and store food properly, vacuum and mop regularly. Seal up any cracks in walls or floors. Also, use screens on your windows as well as other openings in your home.

Are cockroaches dangerous to my health?

Some pests carry bacteria that can be harmful when transmitted directly through contact. Sometimes, indirectly through contamination of indoor surfaces. Some of these are dining areas and kitchen counters. To continuously reduce the chances of a pest invasion at home, food should always be stored in sanitised containers. Also, floor cleanliness must be maintained and all possible entry points should be sealed off immediately.

What risks are associated with cockroach infestations?

The presence of even a small number of cockroaches can quickly lead to full-scale infestations. This costs money and time to remove them. Cockroaches are known to carry bacteria that could cause serious illnesses if eaten or transferred through contact on contaminated surfaces.

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