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Battling with Pesky Rodents? Let’s Win the War Together

Rodents are no doubt one of the most troublesome and destructive pests in Adelaide.

To protect your home or business from rodents, you need professional rodent control services from Eco Pest Control Adelaide.

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Why We’re Your Best Ally in This Fight

We have been providing effective and efficient pest control services throughout the region for over 10 years now. Our experienced technicians have seen it all before. They understand the unique challenges posed by each situation allowing us to effectively plan ahead and provide lasting solutions that prevent further infestation. What’s more, our passion for excellent customer service ensures every call out is treated with paramount care as we strive for 100% levels of customer satisfaction. Our professional team of experts have an in-depth knowledge of cockroaches, bed bugs, silverfish, and other unwanted critters.

The Tiny Invaders – Why Rodents Are a Problem

Rodents pose serious problems. They’re always looking for food, water and shelter and quickly move indoors and stay hidden away during the night where you may not be aware of their presence. They will chew through walls, pipes, wire insulation, furniture, electrical cords causing expensive property damage. Not only do rodents bring contamination inside the home with their droppings. Balso spread diseases in your home like salmonella, listeria as well as fleas and mites. Pets and humans can come into contact with these pests at any time. Through their bedding or droppings which is why it’s important to quickly address any rodent infestation you may find.

Our Solution – A Rodent-Free Home

Our reliable rodent control services quickly and effectively eliminate any infestations. We inspect, identify and make recommendations in order to formulate a safe treatment that considers your home or business surroundings as well as animals and people you have on the property. During our process, we may apply different strategies such trapping, rodent baiting, poisoning, or sanitising the area of rodent related debris. We take extra precautionary steps to ensure complete safety of anyone on the premises. Both humans and animals. Our treatments are designed to remove any current infestations while reducing any risk of further problems in the future.

A Closer Look at Rodents

Rodents are a type of mammal, with many varieties that can inhabit both outdoors and indoors. When they invade your inside spaces they often hide in places like garages, wall voids, cupboards and other dark areas. If a rodent infestation is suspected then it’s important to act quickly. This is in order to avoid the further spread of contamination and prevent health concerns associated with them. Rodents typically require moist conditions to survive.

Common Rodent Species

House mice are stealthy creatures set up their homes around the home or business. They typically scavenge for food during the night and use networks of established pathways that run along skirting boards, walls and corners to move in your home unnoticed.

Norway rats are one of largest rodents species you’ll ever encounter. They have coarse fur which ranges from grey-brown to dark brown with slightly lighter shade on its belly.

Brown rats can grow up to 16 inches in length and weigh up to 1 pound. These mice are incredibly adaptable. They’re capable of living both indoors and outdoors.

How to Spot an Infestation

  • Droppings found near food sources
  • Gnaw marks on household items
  • Foul odors like a musty or musky stench
  • Tracks along baseboards and floor edges
  • Small holes often appear around entry points in the walls

Leave It to The Professionals

At Eco Pest Control Adelaide, we understand the importance of conducting a thorough rodent inspection for best results. DIY treatments are not always effective in addressing the issue since these pests are incredibly hard to get rid of and may require more effort than initially expected. To ensure complete removal our team inspects the area carefully. We take into account all relevant safety considerations. This is for both indoors and outdoors while looking for entries points, nests and food sources. We use different strategies like trapping, baiting, poisoning or sanitising when treating an infestation. This is to ensure maximum effectiveness of our treatments and successful eradication of any rodents present on your property.

Questions You Might Have

What rodent prevention tips are there?

The best way to avoid a rodent infestation is to make sure your home or business remains well organized, pest free and food sources like garbage cans are sealed tightly away from rodents. Employing exclusion strategies for preventing rodent activity within your space.

What do I do if I’m considering DIY pest control?

Sometimes it can be tempting to tackle a rodent infestation on one’s own. However, since pests tend to hide in dark places, their presence often goes unnoticed resulting in further property destruction and contamination. DIY treatments will not always provide long-term protection or eradication of the current infestation. It is better to contact and hire an experienced exterminator so they can quickly remove any threat posed by these rodents before damage spreads further across the property.

Are there risks associated with using professional services?

No, our team ensures safety is top priority while providing efficient removal services that focus both on eliminating current issues as well as reducing any risks of reoccurring instances in the future .

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