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Why Trust Us with Your Ant Troubles?

With over a decade of experience, we bring an invaluable combination of certified professionalism and expertise. We have provided quality solutions for residential households. Also, commercial buildings such as restaurants and cafes where hygiene requirements are paramount. The same care can be applied to your property too. Our range of procedures from prevention to extermination will ensure any issues you may have can be rectified. This is at a minimal fuss with long lasting results.

Why Ants are Considered a Problem

Ants can cause a real problem in households and buildings. Not only are they a nuisance, but the sheer number of ants that come marching into your property can cause worry too. For restaurants and cafes, these invaders not only threaten reputation but also carry food-borne illnesses. This is due to their love for sugary treats or leftover food in inadequately sealed containers.

Our Winning Strategy

We follow a comprehensive approach to ant control. We start by surveying the entire property and finding out where ants are coming from as well as how they are entering your home. That’s why it is important to us that our team is thoroughly qualified and experienced in this area. So they know how to spot the signs quickly and accurately. We also provide advice on dealing with the root cause of the problem. Also, deliver long-lasting solutions to get rid of them completely.

More about Ants

Ants have been around since before the rise of human civilisations. They can be found almost everywhere. Commonly referred to as social insects, ants live in colonies in underground nest or under rocks. They are highly adapted to various environmental conditions and climates from tropical jungles to harsh desert regions. This makes them one of the most common offenders in unwanted infestations on residential buildings and establishments.

Common Ant Species

An astonishing twelve thousand ant species can be found in the world. Nine hundred of which can be located right here in Australia. In Adelaide, some of the most commonly seen species are:

  • The Argentine Ant is small and usually light brown to blackish in colour. They build well-hidden nests in places with high moisture.
  • The Coastal Brown Ant is black to dark brown. It is about 1/8 inch long and lives mainly outdoors. They are fairly active during Summer or Autumn season when food sources are plentiful.
  • The Carpenter Ant is a bit larger than other ants. It prefers humid wooded environments and use dead wood to form galleries inside tree stumps and trunks.

Signs of an Ant Infestation

The following are some key signs of ant infestations that you should have a look out for:

  • Swarms of small ants in various locations around the building.
  • Seeing lines of ants or their ‘trails’ which they use to communicate with each other.
  • Ants nesting in clusters hidden away such as under floorboards and behind wallpaper.
  • Finding piles of soil or debris near windowsills, baseboards, doors and window frames.
  • You may find water deposits around sinks and tubs.

DIY Versus Professional Ant Control

We understand that while DIY remedies may be attractive in price, they are not always effective against troublesome ants. We offer reliable ant control solutions by carrying out thorough inspections. We also perform assessments of the property to identify issues. This is to determine the best course of action for your circumstances. Our comprehensive approach ensures that infestations won’t simply reoccur after time. So you can rest assured knowing your home is protected against future encounters with ants and other pests such as bed bugs, silverfish, and cockroaches.

Your Questions Answered

What can I do to prevent ants from coming into my property?

To decrease the chances of unwanted ant colonies in your home, it’s important to check for even the slightest signs of entry and seal them off accordingly. Reduce any temptations such as sugary snacks left around in clear containers or unsealed packets. Ants will always find a way if these tasty treats are easily accessible! It’s also important to regularly clean surfaces, maintain good sanitary practices and generally keep on top of any maintenance issues.

Are DIY ant control products effective?

The potency of these DIY products can vary greatly and may not reach isolated pockets of an infestation. This leads to an unsuccessful attempt at getting rid of ants. Professional ant exterminators have access to more potent insecticides that are tailored for use on specific species, enabling them to directly target nests instead of just generalised wiping out. This ensures better results with fewer risks associated with using DIY products.

Are there any risks associated with the use of insecticides on ant control?

While the majority of our insecticides are safe to be used in residential and commercial properties, they contain strong compounds that could cause harm to pets and other animals if not used properly. It is therefore important to always follow instructions provided with insecticide products as well as hire professional exterminators who can handle these substances safely and guarantee results for a more secure ant-control solution.

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