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Have you noticed signs of termites like tunnels or mud tubes in your Adelaide home? Subterranean termites and other species can secretly cause major termite damage if left unchecked. Regular termite inspections and control treatments are essential to protect your biggest investment.

At Eco Pest Control Adelaide, our pest inspections follow Australian standards. We use the latest tools for thorough termite monitoring and detection. In 10+ years helping Adelaide homeowners, our expert contacts have seen it all. We spot all termite signs – even subtle ones most pest inspections would miss.

Our pest control experts pinpoint all termite signs. We identify the exact termite species to target treatments to their biology and colonies.

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We answer all termite questions too. Act now before minor issues risk becoming hugely expensive crises down the track.

The Process

  1. Thorough inspection – We check all possible entry points inside and out
  2. Identification – Pinpoint the termite species to target treatments
  3. Assessment – Evaluate structural damage and future risk
  4. Action plan – Recommend prevention, control methods (chemical, non-toxic IPM)
  5. Treatment – Strategic modern treatments to eliminate colonies
  6. Repairs – Can arrange fixing damage based on materials assessed
  7. Monitoring – Ongoing checks for total protection and peace of mind

Reap the Benefits of Termite Inspections

  • Identify current and potential signs of termite infestations
  • Keep an early lookout for hidden nesting sites and swarms
  • Offer preventative advice against future infestation
  • Identify entry points and areas prone to attack
  • Prevent termite attacks costing thousands or millions of dollars
  • Treatment plans match budget using active ingredients
  • Building inspections provide total termite protection
  • Avoid huge repairs from hidden damage

Our Services

  • Visual inspection of the premises, inside and out
  • Thermographic scanning of walls
  • Infrascans sounding within timber
  • Ground moisture testing
  • Live activity detection
  • Detailed report
  • Termite Treatment Plan
  • Annual termite inspections

Equipped to Expose Every Termite

Thermal Imaging Scanner

Allows us to find hotspots within your property’s walls that may be hiding evidence of termite activity. This device uses infrared technology, detecting any differences in temperature produced by these small pests.


Non-destructive sounders inserted into walls can detect the presence of termites behind them without causing any damage to your premises. Acoustics waves sent from this probe detect any potential nests hiding in or around vulnerable spots. Such as foundation slabs and timber windowsills/doors etc..

Moisture Meters

Provides an accelerated way to inspect for high water levels. This might be affecting certain areas near foundations and other exterior elements. This allows us identify suitable amendments early on before taking proper treatments methods if necessary.

Stunning Termite Facts in Australia

  • Over 300 species in Australia
  • Subterranean termites most destructive
  • Attack over 1 million Australian buildings annually
  • Can severely damage construction in months
  • They are found across the country in all types of climates.
  • Their most destructive feeding habits occur during the warmer months.
  • Termites feed on wood, breaking down cellulose found in plant materials.
  • They can also infect furniture made out of timber/plywood.
  • Some colonies can span as far as 5-metres underground.

Why Choose Us

  • Highly trained and experienced staff members
  • 10 years Trusted Pest Control Company
  • Use cutting-edge technology
  • Fully licensed and insured staff
  • Friendly customer service team
  • Wide range of preventative treatment options
  • Onsite treatments
  • Flexible timeframes
  • Highly competitive prices

Service Locations

  • Kensington
  • Prospect
  • Norwood
  • Somerton Park
  • Henley Beach
  • Magill
  • Parkside
  • Kings Park
  • Plympton
  • Aberfoyle Park


Do you inspect commercial properties?

Yes, we conduct thorough timber pest inspections on all structures including commercial buildings.

Should I get a pre purchase timber pest inspection before buying?

Definitely. Our comprehensive inspections can detect issues you can’t see. We check soil contact areas, wood condition and identify activity requiring control treatments for your protection.

What is checked during a pest inspection?

Our pest technicians thoroughly inspect structure inside and out for mud tunnels, hollow damaged wood, conducive moisture conditions enabling termite attack. We identify species to tailor effective treatments.


“I had my home inspected for termites by Eco Pest Control Adelaide in Somerton Park last week. I was really impressed by how knowledgeable their technicians were! Highly recommend them mate. Especially if you want peace of mind without breaking your budget” – Tony from Somerton Park

“The team recently conducted a full inspection of our family home in Henley Beach before settling into the property. Their staff members issued us a comprehensive report which included photos taken during their assessment. Exceptional workmanship and reasonably priced services.” – Tegan from Henley Beach

“I always recommend Eco Pest for termite inspections. Especially given their experience and reliability during each Site Visit has been satisfactory. Best wishes from Scotland estate”– Gail from Prospect

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