How Often Do You Need Pest Control?

Pest Control: Frequency, Factors, and Effective Solutions

If the sight of a spider sends chills up your spine, then you know all too well the need for professional pest control services. But how often do you need them? Are there times when quarterly visits are enough and other times when more frequent visits may be needed? In this article we’ll address these questions. We will look into factors that affect the frequency of pest control visits, types of pests, type of treatment and some FAQs. Let’s jump in!

How often do you need pest control?

Older buildings might need to be serviced more often than newer ones. While homes in certain areas may require an extra visit if there is a greater population of pests inhabiting those regions. Of course, the pest type also matters in determining how often visits are necessary. It ranges from one time visit, monthly treatments to annual treatments, depending on pest activity in an area.

Location of property

Location matters when it comes to pest control visits in certain parts of the world. For instance, if you live in an urban area, there may be more pests nearby that you require quarterly visits. Yet if you live in a rural area away from other building’s populations, your chances of having regular pest infestations might be naturally minimised. In this case, only bi-annual or tri-annual visits may be enough.

Age of Property

The age of your property can have a big impact on the frequency of visits required from pest control services. An older property is likely to have more numerous entry points and structural problems that make it easier for pests to gain access. Unlike newer properties where construction techniques are much tighter and improved. Also older homes may have inhabiting pests that are already present. While newer homes fare better against pre-existing infestations.

Type of pest

The type of pest also affects the frequency of visits from a pest control service. Smaller pests such as mosquitoes, flies, and ants might need more frequent visits on a bi-monthly to monthly basis. While larger pests like rats or raccoons may require less frequent services since they are relatively easier to catch. Also each species has different habits during the year that can indicate the particular season when an infestation is most likely. In which case quarterly or biannual visits are recommended.

Types of Common Pests


These small but mighty pests can breed quickly and carry diseases. So it’s important to get rid of them fast with power screening or repairs.


Problematic for food-related businesses or households. Flies can contaminate food with bacteria if left unchecked.


Often found near water sources or food sources inside your home. Ants can be difficult to control without regular pest control visits.


Commonly find ways into buildings through small gaps around walls or roofs. Rodents often require more intense preventative treatments such as mouse traps or poison baits to keep their populations in check.


These nocturnal insects thrive in moist warm places like basements and bathrooms. If you’ve spotted one cockroach then there’s a good chance there’s an infestation lurking nearby that requires professional attention.


Generally harmless yet able to build webs very quickly. Spiders should be regularly removed from homes. Especially during summer when they are most active.

Bed bugs

Infestations of bed bugs can cause skin infections as well as possible psychological issues. This is because they tend to be more difficult to get rid of due to their cryptic nature. Bed bug treatments should be performed at least a few times a year for most infestations.


Often found in carpets or furniture, fleas should be treated regularly. This is if you have pets in the home as they are known to transmit diseases and spread quickly without consistent attention.

Wasps and bees

While they may look beautiful buzzing around your garden. Wasps present an obvious hazard when living near people and need to be removed quickly by a professional pest control service.


Though relatively harmless on their own. Bat colonies can become dangerous when left unattended. They love damp dark places inside buildings which can often prove hazardous for human health if not taken care of promptly.


What is the cost of pest control?

In Australia, pest control prices are $35 to $100 per hour on average. However, it will depend on a few factors such as the size of the property, type of infestation and how often visits are required. For larger properties or frequent visits, costs can go upwards so it’s important to speak with a pest controller about fees prior to signing up for any kind of service. There are also different charges for different pest control services. Some of these are termite inspection, termite control, pest control treatment, and regular pest inspection. Call your Pest Control professional for a quote.

How can pest control help with fleas?

Fleas can be a pesky nightmare for homeowners and if left unattended the infestation can quickly get out of hand, leading to painful sores and infection from bites. A pest control service can help with removal of fleas safely, using non-toxic products like boric acid. It helps clear out any signs of these insects. Gone are the days when pet owners had to remove all their carpets to effectively eliminate an infestation.

What can be done to get rid of cockroaches?

The best way to get rid of them is with a combination of chemical treatments, physical removal and preventative measures such as caulking any cracks around properties. Pest control services can provide this type of comprehensive solution which ensures effective eradication of any cockroach population. Additionally, regular inspections would help detect early signs of infestation so that prompt action could be taken to help keep your home free from these pests.


In conclusion, pest control visits are an important part of homeowner maintenance and protection. Factors such as location, age of property and pest type all impact the frequency of visits you may require. This is in order to effectively remove them from your home or business. Whether dealing with flies, rats or cockroaches, getting professional help is always wiser than attempting more DIY solutions. Pest control expert can provide tailored treatment plans that work in harmony with each other to ensure complete eradication.